9 October 2011



We stopped in Burnham-on-Sea on the way to see Mick and Pat.  Having left home early we had time for a bracing hour on the sea-front before continuing our journey.


At eight o’clock on a grey Sunday morning the promenade was almost deserted.  At least parking was plentiful and free.  Rain in the air soon blew away in the strong wind.








Teresa soon tries out the sand …



▲ The promenade



and even has a paddle


I wonder why the sea wall needs to be so strong





As befits a mini Weston, Burnham has a mini pier



The old slipway; rescue services are now provided by hovercraft







Burnham is proud of its moment of wartime glory











Before leaving, we also take a quick walk through the town, taking care to be on our best behaviour – this town obviously has standards














Roger soon began to feel at home – indeed this is a favourite destination of summer bowls touring teams


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