Wimbledon week, and Teresa and Jay were lucky enough again to have tickets for Centre Court on the opening day.


Roger had his annual eye test, the outcome of which was a referral for a cataract operation:a pre-op assessment was scheduled for October.It was also time for the annual visit to the dentist, once again routine and eventless.



Helen visited for a few days, and we managed our first visit of the year to Malvern, taking in the brass band concert in the park.Of great interest to the girls, Jay having recently taken up the euphonium under the auspices of the Tewkesbury town band, and Helen still has her French horn, which she played in her school brass band.








July was a month of very high temperatures and no rainfall.Most of Rogerís Seniors bowls matches were played over a reduced number of ends to ease the strain for the older players, and fortunately all the games were completed without mishap.The greens became very hard and fast, with minimal grass growth, so much so that some of Rogerís mowing duties were cancelled.At home, he stopped mowing the lawn for several weeks.


Watering became a daily chore for our various plants and crops grown in tubs and bags around the garden.We had to wait some time for the latter, bur eventually were rewarded with tomatoes and potatoes.





Unfortunately, at the end of the month, Roger became increasingly troubled by a bad leg, which left him hobbling.A consultation with the doctor indicated that it was the Iliotibial Band syndrome, damage to the long connective tissue running from the thigh to below the knee.No cure other than rest and light exercises, so he had to stop playing bowls.



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