On Sunday 2 we visited Malvern for one of the Band in the Park concerts – Helen was home for a few days, so we had both French horn and euphonium experience in our team.  A lovely warm day and a high quality band.











Roger’s leg injury meant that he saw out the remainder of the bowls season from the sidelines, and missed the closing of the green ceremony on 16 September.  A session with the physiotherapist followed shortly afterwards, from which he came away with two or three exercises aimed at preventing any recurrence.  Fingers crossed.  He also had his annual check-up with the nurse, and, to conclude a rather medical month, went for the flu jab and a shingles vaccination, for which he had become eligible.

Not content with her efforts at the Winchcombe Country show at the end of August, Teresa was busy again the following week preparing for the Broadway show, with a lot of help from Juliet – though all the family entered something.


Once again we delivered our exhibits very early in the morning, so didn’t see many of the other entries.  However, we were rather pleased with Teresa’s cup-cake take on Brexit, both for wit and execution, and thought this a banker for at least a place.


The cup-cake Brexit, captioned:  ‘The Great British Break-off’ ►


Alas, not even a commendation.  However, Teresa’s efforts performed strongly overall, and she came away with the cup for preserves, and the overall cup for baking.   What a result – congratulations, Teresa.





And once again a totally unexpected result for Roger – his first ever entry in the Handwriting class came third.  His generation were all taught copperplate at school, and he can still do it after a fashion.



Roger’s handwriting entry ►


 ◄  Teresa with her cups














We took one of our complimentary rides on the Gloucestershire-Warwickshire Railway on Wednesday 19, riding down to Cheltenham Racecourse, then back to Broadway before returning to Toddington.  The train was very busy, with several large parties taking over whole coaches, including some local schools re-enacting the wartime evacuation scenario.  As it happened, our near neighbours were also taking their ride and joined us for the journey.


On Sunday 23 we visited Malvern for a brass band concert, staged in the Forum auditorium of Malvern Theatres.  A very polished prize-winning outfit playing mainly classical items either written for or arranged for brass band.


On Friday 28 we visited Oxford, travelling up by train from Moreton.  In Roger’s case, it was his first visit since the opening of the new Westgate Centre, and very impressive it was, though we wondered how all the wide range of emporia were going to make their money from the relatively small number of shoppers.  Teresa was keen for Roger to visit the Loakes shoe shop in order to replace a very battered old but comfortable pair and a much newer but rather uncomfortable pair.  We duly obliged the delighted staff, who appeared not to have seen another customer all day.


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