Bristol Zoo


31 July 2001





The first sight to greet us as we entered the gardens was a flock of flamingos




Apparently, they take their pinkish hue from their diet of red shellfish








We were lucky that the rare Asian lion posed so nicely


Other mammals included small red pandas, a pygmy hippo and plenty of monkeys


A mock kitchen and grain store showed off the rats and mice







The okapi rather turned his back on us



There were dimly lit displays of snakes, bats and beetles


Jay plucked up courage to look at the spiders at the second time of asking





A Seychelles giant tortoise roamed freely in the garden, other reptiles were confined in the reptile house, including a dwarf crocodile








This lizard came to have a look at us




Teresa and Jay enjoy a hippopotamus ride (not real) and take a break to plan the rest of the day



The big disappointments were the absence of any gorillas on Gorilla Island were they sleeping all day?



And Wendy, the old Indian elephant, was somewhat elusive



On our third visit, we found she had come out for a brief shower







But we failed to get close enough for a good picture


In the aquarium and in the seal and penguin enclosure, there are many underwater vantage points








A sword-billed predator






Penguins are comical on land, but sleek under water








A couple of fur seals await feeding time










Cooling down at the end of the day



Bristol Zoo Gardens




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