Sudeley Castle


25 July 2001


Sudeley Castle lies a few miles to the north of Cheltenham.  Together with the castle itself, which has been well-restored with the features of a typical stately home, there are ruined sections of an ancient tithe barn.  In recent years, the grounds and gardens have been brought to a high state of upkeep, providing a pleasant setting for a half-day excursion.


Historically, Sudeley’s main claim to fame is as the residence of Henry the Eighth’s widow, Katherine Seymour, nee Parr, who rests here, and for visits from several Tudor monarchs, including Henry himself, Elizabeth, and Anne Boleyn.  But it later paid for being a Royalist enclave during the Civil War and was restored in the 19th Century.


Although not used by us on this occasion, an interesting adventure playground and rambling area has been established (which can be visited separately, if preferred, at lower cost), providing something of interest for younger children.


We were struck by this bench cut from an enormous tree trunk on the way in.




We found the ruined sections outside particularly photogenic.






The ornamental lake beside the ruined tithe barn is populated by giant carp.


Photography in the house itself was not permitted, but we captured the tomb of Katherine Parr in the Chapel – which is in fact a parish church, not a private chapel.




We enjoyed a refreshing drink on the terrace before we left.






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