Warwick Castle


27 July 2001




Warwick is about an hourís drive from Cheltenham.We arrive just after 11 am.†† There is a short queue for tickets:Jay gets in free by virtue of having won a Blue Peter badge.Once through the gatehouse, the castle is revealed.






Our first call was to the main hall, where Jay wasparticularly taken by a stuffed lion rug.





After an early lunch, Teresa and Jay undertake the walk along the ramparts and up the towers Ė some spectacular views from aloft.










Teresa on the ramparts




Then via the stocks Ö





(They donít look very happy)





Ö to the peacock garden.






Meanwhile, Jay tries her hand at the medieval games while we wait for the Fighting knights.



The knights give a fascinating demonstration of the armour worn in the Middle Ages.Finally, in full armour, they set upon each other with great gusto before emerging unscathed.











Will they take Jay on as a Squire?



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