Berkeley Castle


4 April 2002



We visit Berkeley Castle, on what turns out to be the warmest day of the year to date.  We had aimed to have an early lunch and arrive at 2 pm, the castle’s opening time in April, but left earlier than intended as we were without mains water at home.  Luckily, we were able to get into the grounds early and have a simple lunch at the snack bar there.


Berkeley Castle dates from the 12th Century, and is perhaps best known as the scene of the murder of Edward II.  The room where it happened can still be seen.  There are also a number of items once owned by Sir Francis Drake.  The grisly dungeon and the old kitchens are also of interest.




Juliet arriving past

the west wall











The fortifications boast

a display of old cannons …








… and Juliet can’t

resist riding on one







We prepare to enter the castle






















Unfortunately, photography is

 not permitted within the building,

 no doubt to boost postcard sales


We emerge into the courtyard,

 looking back at the windows of the main hall, while Juliet stands at an entrance to the battlements









There are magnificent grounds, which we take in from a distance


(it was a long way down)




Always a key part of any visit for Juliet, and she spends her remaining pocket money before we depart








Diary 2002



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