We’ve Moved







The removal vans arrive at 8.15 am.

Wednesday 13 February 2002











We haven’t quite finished packing, having run out of boxes.   Not to worry!   Everything goes.  The first van, filled with our furniture and boxes, is ready to move soon after midday, and the second smaller van – mainly for garage and garden equipment and stuff for disposal – soon after that.











Juliet in the thick of the action.

We leave Darkes Farm for the last time at 1 pm.




As the vans depart, we realise we’ve forgotten the vacuum cleaner, so it travels with us in the boot of the car, along with our most treasured personal possessions.







The loading ramp becomes an unloading ramp.





Unloading is a quicker job.  This time it’s we who have to decide where things go.




By 4 pm, we are in the new house, surrounded by boxes.








Helen remains cool, and starts to organise the kitchen.






Diary 2002