Christmas in Broadway                

23 December 2003


Although Toddington is about equidistant from Winchcombe and Broadway, we think of the former as ‘our’ town:  it is in the same county, and on the way to Cheltenham, where Jay goes to school; it is also a normal town, despite its ancient heritage – it was once the Saxon capital of Mercia.  In Winchcombe, except for major items, or if one insists on a huge choice or rock-bottom prices, you can buy most of what you need, and there are even one or two typical high street shops – the Co-op and Lloyds Pharmacy, for example.


Broadway, on the other hand, is unashamedly a tourist attraction:  where the villagers buy their everyday goods, we have never worked out:  the broad high street accommodates a range of specialty shops, with a strong emphasis on gifts and collectables.  I hesitate to say ‘souvenirs’:  this would give the wrong impression – Broadway is very much for genteel tourists and rich foreigners.  Nevertheless, once in a while we go there, avoiding the height of the tourist season, and one such occasion is pre-Christmas.


Though Teresa and I went by ourselves last week, today we take Jay with us

She’s pleased today, because she now has a bank account, and she’s going to pay in money for the first time and use her cash card in the hole-in-the-wall (if she can remember the PIN)




There are Christmas trees in the passage from the car-park to the shopping area







The main street is quiet today






Jay successfully negotiates her first banking transactions, and we wander in and out of the shops

The pub at the upper end (above, centre) is where we had Christmas lunch with Teresa’s mother for the last time




The expensive antique shops are not on our agenda





At first, we look mainly at gift shops, including this specialist Christmas shop






Next door there is a dolls’ hospital





One of our favourite shops, particularly for stylish household equipment





After adding modestly to our haul of Christmas presents, we finish at a clothing shop, where Jay acquires a new fleece





On the way back to the car, we pass through a small modern shopping arcade, decked out for the occasion







Jay calls at the sweetshop as usual








In the arcade, Roger and Jay grapple with the shopping bags (in the background)






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