3 April 2004



Another visit from Helen Ė another church.We missed Dumbleton last time, but returned to see the Norman church of St Peterís.It is approached from the road past a memorial fountain to Edward Holland, a 19th Century owner of the Dumbleton estate and also founder of the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester







Teresa by the fountain



The 13th Century tower







The arch over the north door boasts a carved tympanum, with a Romanesque animal motif, foliage coming from the beastís mouth


Inside, later restoration has covered most of the original Norman features, though some reused carved stones are evident on a rebuilt arch in the south aisle:




The chancel and east window



This painted stone monument is of Sir Charles Percy, his wife and daughter.He was one of Elizabeth Iís courtiers, and on her death it was he who went to Edinburgh to summons James VI of Scotland to become king of England









A memorial to a former rector






Teresa and Helen take their leave





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