Stanway Fountain






Stanway Fountain, originally opened in June 2003, is now, since June 2004, the highest gravity-fed fountain in the world, rising to over 300 feet. This also makes it the tallest fountain of any kind in Britain and the second highest in Europe


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In the sun, a rainbow is formed by the spray from the fountain


The fountain became possible when a Severn Trent reservoir in nearby Lidcombe was found in 1997 to be contaminated and eventually it was surrendered to the Stanway estate. The estate used the reservoir to raise their existing fountain, fed from the pyramid pond, to a height of 165 feet, achieved in June 2003. Since then a new and higher reservoir has been added at the top of the Cotswold escarpment, which can be filled with water pumped up from Lidcombe, and produces a fountain height of over 300 feet for about 1 hours a day




Swans swim peacefully in the Canal, where the fountain normally plays


Apart from taking our visitors in July and August, we also saw the fountain at the Stanway fete in July




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