Buckland and Wormington

16 January 2004



Whenever Helen visits, we try to show her something of the locality – usually a church or two – and this time was no exception.


We arrived at Wormington unintentionally, having set out for Dumbleton, but taking a wrong turning.  But we found much of interest, and Dumbleton will wait for another day










St Katharine’s church, Wormington




Teresa reads a lesson











An ancient cross, believed to be Saxon



Norman pillars survive on the south side of the nave



We finished the morning by revisiting Buckland – which Roger saw for the first time last November, when Teresa’s eyes were on the mend and we were getting out again




The tower of St Michael’s at Buckland, with gargoyles on each corner




The mazer, a chalice of maple-wood and silver.  Once common, relatively few mazers survive, presumably because of the wooden construction




Helen enjoying the sun at Buckland







Buckland lies just south of Broadway, and we rounded off the morning by having a pub lunch there


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