26 May 2006


Helen visited and we had promised her another trip to a local church, this time St Mary the Virgin at Childswickham.  The church, however, was disappointing:  though its foundation dates from pre-Norman times, little remains of the medieval building.  The present structure is mostly a Victorian reconstruction, and internally only a couple of pillars survive from earlier times.  The tower and spire, however, are from the 15th Century.



An impressive feature is the stained glass window installed to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977 (below left), echoing the older east window (below right).





Helen and Teresa paused for the camera on the way out.  The next objective was the picturesque duck pond, which Teresa was adamant lay only a few hundred yards from the church.  It was only after the third fruitless circuit of the small village that she remembered that the duck pond was actually in Willersey, and that we had not intended to come to Childswickham at all.


Though by now we were running out of time, we went on to Willersey, where we sat by the duck pond and visited the village shop.  But Willersey church will wait for another day.


Helen and Roger by the duck pond in Willersey




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