West Midlands Safari Park

31 August 2007


We arrived at about 10.30 am and resolved to drive round the safari park first – before having lunch and the rides.  Our animal recognition was not too good to start with – for a moment we thought the black-faced sheep were the wolves!  The ankole cattle got far too close to be mistaken!











Not wolves in sheep’s clothing after all                                  Got any food for me?


The highlight of the day was to be the African white lion – a new attraction and no doubt partly responsible for the long queue of cars.  We kept to the inside track to get a good view, but paid the penalty of very slow progress behind all those with the same idea.










                                                                                                                                                                                                  About the white lions – click image to read


                                                                                                         Already nose-to-tail entering the African enclosure 












On into the Asian enclosure, and luckily this Bengal tiger passed by our car, but showed a total lack of interest in us










I expect he knew we were behind the fence


Leaving the big cats behind, the main attractions were the larger mammals.









                                                                                                          The bactrian camels …                     












                                                                                                             … harassing the cars




It took nearly two hours to get round.  In a strange echo of our last visit, the car again managed to squeak and whistle most of the way, but at least did not embarrass us by stopping.


We were quite glad after that to park and stretch our legs.  Teresa and Jay made for the rides with their wristbands.  Roger exercised his discretion and settled for an ice cream.  Travelling light, we ditched the camera at this point, so you’ll have to take it from me that they did the Twister, the Rhino Rollercoaster (twice), the Zambezi Watersplash (twice) and the Pirate Ship as well as assorted gentler roundabouts.  Because the safari took so long, Teresa made a selfless sacrifice and missed the sea lion show.


Visit the West Midlands Safari Park site for more


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