Christmas Past††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††



I donít know about global warming, but we just donít seem to have winters like we used to do.


The worst I remember here was 1981-82.I think it froze on Christmas Day and didnít thaw again until March.Temperatures in Gloucestershire dropped to as low as Ė20 degrees Celsius.


We also had the snowfall to go with it.Along our drive, which runs between two hedges, the snow filled in the gap completely, and we were faced with a drift about six feet deep and twenty yards long.We couldnít get the car out for over a fortnight.


I remember walking to and from work, with hands numb in the thickest gloves I could find and lips so cold I could hardly move them to talk.


Many a year, it seems to me, we had to shovel the snow off the drive, made snowballs and snowmen in the garden, or walked across the fields to hurtle down a fine tobogganing slope.One year we went to watch people skiing on Cleeve Hill.


Now, every year, Juliet says, ĎAre we going to get some snow, Daddy?í but when it comes, itís no more than a dusting.We see more ice when we open the freezer.


Maybe Iím tempting fate, but, after the wettest autumn for 200 years, there canít be much up there left to come down, can there?


I leave you with the memory of the last decent fall we had, and you can see what size Jay was then.





Merry Christmas, everyone.











Created 29 November 2000