Alton Towers

7-9 September 2009


We enjoyed last year’s visit to Alton Towers, so decide to repeat the experience this year.


We left home very early on Monday morning 7 September.  Satnav directed us via the M5/M6 to the outskirts of Stoke, where there was some slow-moving traffic, thence via Cheadle to our destination, which we reached at about 8.20 am.  After checking in and leaving our luggage, we were waiting at the gates well before nine, comparing our shoes with last year.



           Guided to the gates by Satnav                           Only Jay’s shoes had changed since last year


We were to spend two nights in the Alton Towers Hotel, with two days in the theme park, returning home on the third morning.


We all enjoyed some of the rides, but Teresa and Jay were the most adventurous.  Roger, meanwhile, enjoyed the atmosphere and ambience of the grounds.  The weather, luckily, was warm, though cloudy at times, and the queues short at this time of year.  We had two pleasant evenings in the hotel, and, of course, two great breakfasts to prepare us for the day ahead.


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The Rides


The Grounds


The Hotel


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