Advent Quiz 2007      





This quiz is for the 25 days of Advent plus Christmas Day.  There is one question for each day, and the answer to each question is one of the numbers 1 to 25, each number used only once.  The number of the answer does not in most cases correspond with the number of the questions, which are in no particular order.  However, you will find that when the first letters of the questions are arranged in the numerical order of the answers, they will spell out a seasonal quotation.  Good luck!



1.      The humps on an Arabian camel?                                     


2.      ‘Green pastures’ feature in which number psalm, often used at funeral services?


3.      Years of plenty and years of famine in Egypt, according to Joseph in the Bible?


4.      The number of stripes on the US flag?


5.      Rock musician Buddy Holly died in a plane crash at what tender age?


6.      Always how many points on a properly-formed snowflake?


7.      Restriction to what minimum age of viewer was indicated by the old X-certificate BBFC film classification between 1970 and 1982?


8.      Presidents’ faces carved on Mount Rushmore in the USA?


9.      Only people of what minimum age may drive a large road-roller in the UK?


10.  ‘Onze’ in French means what?


11.    How many little boys, Rolf?


12.    According to Gene Pitney, how many hours from Tulsa?


13.    Number of imperial gallons of beer in a firkin?


14.    Minimum age for driving mopeds on British roads?


15.    Europium minus Cadmium, atomically speaking?


16.    Rameses II was king during which ancient Egyptian New Kingdom dynasty in the 13th Century BC?


17.    How many lines in a sonnet?


18.    Leo is what number in the normal sequence of the signs of the Zodiac starting with Aries?


19.    Each of them stillborn or dying in infancy, how many children were born to Queen Anne?


20.    England conceded how many goals to Croatia at Wembley in November 2007 (thus failing to qualify for the European Championship)?


21.    Into the champagne bottle known as a Methuselah, how many standard bottles could be poured?


22.    Years in a china wedding anniversary?


23.    Grandson of Edward III, Richard II was how old when Edward’s death brought him to the throne? 


24.    Force number of a hurricane on the standard Beaufort scale?


25.    Number of cents in a US quarter?



Scoring:  one mark per question, plus a bonus of 5 marks for the quotation.




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