Christmas Quiz 2005                     

Answers and results


Thank you for your answers.  Hope you enjoyed the quiz.  Every one made some progress towards the full answer, but three were clearly ahead of the rest.


In first place, with a near perfect 49 points out of 50, was Curls – and he takes the magnificent trophy:




Runners-up, close behind, were Teresa and Test Pilot.  Congratulations to them also.


All the other entries were within two points of each other, so too close to call the remaining places, but well done all.


Just a reminder of the questions as they might be grouped …


1.  Shriver’s colour fictionally

2.  Top scoring Test batsman

3.  ‘I will arise and go now, and go to …’ where?

4.  Linked with Tommy investigatively

5.  Linked with Dean terpsichoreanly


6.  Will stop the wheel coming off

7.  Expectations of marriage to her were unrealised


8.  Scene of England’s expectations

9.  Eastern empire defeated in World War I

10.  Editable encyclopaedia


11.  Tropaeolum

12.  ‘Half sunk, a shattered visage lies …’  whose?

13.  Every good boy deserves it musically

14.  Edgware Road is a station on which London underground line?


15.  London soap

16.  ‘I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end …’ who?

17.  Eponymous hero who started amidships


18.  Found by Stanley

19.  Operatic bullfighter

20.  Royal house of 18th and 19th Centuries


21.  Inspector Morse’s first name

22.  Newton’s three laws of … what?


23.  Tokyo is on which island?

24.  He asked for more

25.  Young dog


… and the answers were:


1.      Orange            Lionel Shriver won the Orange Prize for Fiction 2005


  1. Lara                In 2005 Brian Lara of the West Indies achieved the highest aggregate of runs scored in Test cricket; he already held the record for the highest individual score


  1. Innisfree         From the poem The Lake Isle of Innisfree by W B Yeats


  1. Tuppence        From the detective novels of Agatha Christie


  1. Torvill             Torvill and Dean were Britain’s World and Olympic champion ice dancing team in the 1980s


  1. Lynchpin         (Or ‘lynch-pin’)  Inserted through the axle-tree to hold the wheel on.  Alternatively, a locknut could be used on certain types of wheel, and starts with the right letter, so I have allowed this too.


  1. Estella             Miss Havisham’s daughter, whom Pip hoped to marry, in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, was intended.  The clue was in the question, but, being generous, I will give half a mark for ‘Elizabeth’, who certainly had many disappointed suitors


  1. Trafalgar        Before the battle, Nelson made his famous flag signal ‘England expects that every man will do his duty’


  1. Ottoman          Established in the 14th Century, the Ottoman Empire was broken up after fighting on the side of the Germans in the First World War


  1. Wikepedia      The on-line encyclopaedia to which any one can contribute


  1. Nasturtium     Tropaeolum majus is the Latin name of the common nasturtium


  1. Ozymandias    From the poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley:  Ozymandias was the Greek name for Rameses the Great


  1. Favour            ‘Every good boy deserves favour’ is the mnemonic for the notes on the five lines of the stave of the treble clef (also taught as ‘every good boy deserves fun’, which also fits and gets the mark, and half a mark for ‘fudge’, which I have not come across myself, but may well be used by some teachers)


  1. Bakerloo         Running between Queen’s Park and the Elephant and Castle, the Bakerloo line is coloured brown on the map of the underground, so ‘brown’ makes an acceptable alternative answer.  Circle and Metropolitan lines, however, which also have stations at Edgware Road, do not fit the overall answer.


  1. Eastenders     The long running BBC soap opera set in London’s east end


  1. Thatcher         Margaret Thatcher – who else? - quoted in The Observer in 1989


  1. Hornblower     In the popular series of books by C S Forester, Hornblower started as a midshipman and ended up as an Admiral.  (Mr Midshipman Easy in the novel by Captain Marryat is also eponymous, but doesn’t fit the quotation – and also remained a midshipman as far as I know.)


  1. Livingstone     David Livingstone was an English explorer thought to be lost in Africa, who was found by an expedition sponsored by The New York Herald and led by its reporter, Henry Stanley


  1. Escamillo        The toreador’s name in the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet


  1. Hanover          British royal house of six monarchs from George I to Victoria, descendants of the electors of Hanover


  1. Endeavour      Revealed in the penultimate novel of the popular Inspector Morse series by Colin Dexter


  1. Motion            The famous laws of mathematician Isaac Newton


  1. Honshu           The main island of Japan


  1. Oliver             In the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, Oliver dares to ask for more food in the orphanage


  1. Whelp             Defined as the young of a dog, or of a beast of prey


The Bonus


As you have seen from the answers above, the spelled out words are:


O little town of Bethlehem, how …


And the clue in the questions?  No one thought to mention this, and maybe it was overlooked:  the first letters of the questions in order continue the carol:


still we see thee lie.  For in thy …


I would have split the bonus marks between the words spelled by the answers, and a super bonus for the continuation in the questions had it made a difference.


Thank you again for entering and have a very happy Christmas!