Christmas Quiz 2005


Merry Christmas!  This year’s quiz has no theme as such, just a mixed bag of questions.  However, the first letters of the answers (all of one word, though one is normally hyphenated) spell out some well-known words.


I am sure you will soon see what those are, but, if you do need a hint, remember there’s always a clue in the questions. 


There are 25 questions, one mark for each right answer, and a bonus of 25, which I will award for the words spelled out correctly, making a maximum possible of 50.  In order to award the magnificent virtual prize I have in mind before Christmas, please let me have your entries by 23 December.  I’ll post answers and results on Christmas Eve.  Good luck.


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Brian Lara1.  Shriver’s colour fictionally


2.  Top scoring Test batsman


Torvill and Dean at Sarajevo Winter Olympics3.  ‘I will arise and go now, and go to …’ where?


4.  Linked with Tommy investigatively


5.  Linked with Dean terpsichoreanly


6.  Will stop the wheel coming off


7.  Expectations of marriage to her were unrealised


8.  Scene of England’s expectations


Nasturtium9.  Eastern empire defeated in World War I


10.  Editable encyclopaedia


11.  Tropaeolum


12.  ‘Half sunk, a shattered visage lies …’  whose?


13.  Every good boy deserves it musically


14.  Edgware Road is a station on which London underground line?


15.  London soap


16.  ‘I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end …’ who?


17.  Eponymous hero who started amidships


18.  Found by Stanley


19.  Operatic bullfighter


20.  Royal house of 18th and 19th Centuries


21.  Inspector Morse’s first name


22.  Newton’s three laws of … what?



23.  Tokyo is on which island?


24.  He asked for more


25.  Young dog







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