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As the football season approaches its climax, here are some football anagrams:the answers are all the names of teams playing in English national leagues, most, but not all, in the Premiership.The anagrams are hidden, crossword-style, but there are clues in the questions (though not everyone will agree with my allusions to their favourite team), and the questions are in the alphabetical order of their solutions.



1.     Top team learns a complicated move (7)


2.     The last ball, and salvation was achieved for struggling team (5, 5)


3.     Braver runs block more intricate moves of travelling team (9, 6)



4.     Battered Tobleroneís drawn out for minor prize-winners (6, 9)


5.     Do crafty bird impressions for modest results (8, 4)

6.     Intricate lace she made for foreign visitors (7)


7.     Oddly shaped cap really acts as a protection from sunlight (7, 6)



8.     Tony cured by mixing up a well-tried combination (5, 6)



9.     The answer is never to change a winning side (7)


10.                        Misplaced chip wins two more - exciting play ahead (7, 4)


11.                        Luddite seen breaking up expensive assembly (5, 6)



12.                        Turmoil over poll I organised for winners (9)


13.                        Play the music and enter competition for the best band in the country (10, 6)



14.                        Hoddle plays with grim sub in a match winning formation (13)


15.                        Cunningly, we silenced taunt of noisiest fans in the land (9, 6)


16.                        Horrible sight not meant for likes of middle Englanders (10, 6)



17.                        Developing porn trend disturbed honest team from modest backgrounds (7, 5, 3)


18.                        Flushed out definite breakdown in polished teamwork (9, 6)


19.                        Top humans not equal to competitive outsiders (11)

20.                        Lively lads end run of improving team (10)


21.                        Disorganised Dons wonít win playing like novices (7, 4)


22.                        In complicated form, optantís home truth shows his glamorous side (9, 7)



23.                        Daft row about moderate players (7)


24.                        See that untidy clobber?Wash it now!Iím going to make it a fine outfit again(4, 8, 6)


25.                        To see the end, he must wait the outcome of display of young talent (4, 3, 6)



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Created 21 March 2002