Answer for Overbury Quiz 5  -  February 2013


Round 1  Pot Luck




  1. China
  2. Margaret Thatcher
  3. A horse – she’s dead, of course
  4. Old Father Time (also accept ‘the grim reaper’)
  5. The Old Bailey [The Central Criminal Court of England & Wales]
  6. Orange
  7. Dynamo (from Monday)
  8. Kent
  9. Illinois
  10. Chicken Run (2000)



Round 2 Food and Drink




  1. Choux pastry or Profiteroles, normally in the form of a heaped cone – from the French for ‘crunch in mouth’
  2. A semi-hard cheese wrapped in nettles to mature
  3. Omelette, nowadays usually understood to include at least one additional ingredient, and cooked slowly
  4. Graham Kerr – from the name of his television programme screened 1969-1971
  5. A whole lemon – the addition of raisins would turn it into a Kentish puddle or well pudding
  6. Lobster – the methods use slightly different sauces, and Newburg may be served on toast
  7. Vine leaves – also allow cabbage as an alternative
  8. Oysters – the dish probably originated in America
  9. A fried or poached egg on top
  10. Kellogg’s Bran Flakes



Round 3 Advertising Slogans




  1. Tesco 
  3. Specsavers 
  4. Wickes 
  5. Whiskas
  6. Fosters 
  7. BMW 
  8. Macdonalds 
  9. Domestos 
  10. Nike


Round 4 Phonetically Speaking


1.      Zulu, directed by American Cy Endfield with a largely British cast

2.      O Mein Papa - written by Swiss composer Paul Burkhard in 1939

3.      Lima

4.      Golf, for national teams of amateur golfers

5.      Victor Meldrew in One Foot In The Grave

6.      November 22

7.      Romeo and Juliet

8.      Whisky Galore

9.      India.  They caused a shock at Lord’s by defending a moderate total against the hot favourites, the West Indies

10.  X-rays – he discovered them in 1985 and won the Nobel prize in 1901

Round 6  Picture Round




  1. Mitt Romney – defeated US presidential candidate 2012
  2. Usain Bolt – aged 26, his achievements, for example winning the 100m/200m double at successive Olympics, arguably make him the greatest ever athlete
  3. François Hollande – defeated Nicolas Sarkozy in May 2012 to become only the second Socialist president of the Fifth Republic (Mitterand was the first)
  4. Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge), her 31st birthday was last month
  5. Rebekah Brookes – now 44, in 2002 she became the youngest ever editor of a national newspaper (the NoW); now faces conspiracy charges in relation to phone hacking
  6. Boris Johnson – the populist mayor of London basked in the success of the Olympics (he was co-chair of the Olympic board)
  7. Stephen Hawking – the 71 year old theoretical physicist has popularised cosmology, notably in his book A Brief History of Time
  8. Jeremy Clarkson – his outspoken reactionary, and sometimes offensive, opinions have made him one of the most popular figures on British TV
  9. Richard Branson – in 2012 the Virgin boss successfully challenged the award of the contract to run the West Coast Main Line to rivals First Group
  10. Boudicca – tradition has it that Boudicca was buried under King’s Cross station (possibly Platform 10)
  11. Ann Robinson – ended her run as presenter of The Weakest Link in March 2012
  12. Jessica Ennis – current Olympic and former world heptathlon champion
  13. Serena Williams – came back from a year of injury and illness to win the Wimbledon, Olympic and US Open titles in 2012
  14. Julian Assange – the Wiki-leaks founder is still holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden
  15. Rebecca Adlington – won two gold medals at the 2008 Olympics, and still world record holder at 800m freestyle, she formally retired last week


Round 7  Birds


1.      The A4 class Mallard reached a speed of 125.88 mph on the East Coast Main Line near Grantham

2.      The Pelican.  Drake renamed his ship in 1578 in mid-voyage in honour of his patron, Sir Christopher Hatton

3.      The purely fictional Jack Sparrow

4.      Charlie Drake (1925-2006)

5.      Florence Nightingale

6.      Clarice Starling, protagonist of the novel by Thomas Harris

7.      Puffin

8.      Goose Green in 1982; there were about 80 British casualties including 17 dead

9.      The Little Sparrow.  She lived 1915-1963, probably best known for her recording of ‘Je ne regrette rien’ in 1960

10.  THRUSH – the acronym was not expanded in the original 1960s TV series, but the spin-off novels gave it as the Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity

Round  8  Wizards




  1. The Emerald City  
  2. Roy Wood – their single ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everydayfirst made the charts in 1973, and has re-entered in every one of the last seven years
  3. Merlin.  The 1963 Disney film was based on T H White’s book (1938) of the same name  
  4. Ku Klux Klan  (in its various manifestations)
  5. Sir Stanley Matthews, knighted in 1965, the same year he gave up playing
  6. Tommy, written by Pete Townshend (of The Who); he also wrote the song, released as a single in 1969  
  7. The Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett:  there have been over 30 novels since the first one, The Colour of Magic, in 1983
  8. Saruman – from the trilogy by J R R Tolkien written between 1937 and 1949 
  9. Gryffindor – they are the four houses at Hogwart’s Academy
  10. The Tempest- famous quotes ‘O brave new world’ and ‘we are such stuff as dreams are made of’



Round 9  Who Am I?




Q1.  Nigella Lawson


Q2.  Sherlock Holmes


Q3.  Lord Coe (Sebastian Coe)


Q4.  Alan Sugar


Q5.  Helen Flanagan



Round 10  Pot Luck




  1. Donald Sutherland
  2. James Callaghan  (Chancellor 64-67,  Home Sec 67-70, Foreign Sec 74-76, PM 76-79)
  3. Crystal Palace, originally erected in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition of 1851 before being rebuilt in Sydenham
  4. Major Gowen, played by Ballard Berkeley, he appeared in every episode
  5. Yorkshire
  6. Louis Smith, Britain’s Olympic gymnastic silver medallist
  7. Martin Peters
  8. Animal Farm, by George Orwell (1945), a satire on the Russian Revolution and the subsequent Stalinist regime
  9. ‘My Sweet Lord’ in 1971, and again in 2002 after his death
  10. Sissinghurst, opened to the public in 1938, and taken over by the National Trust in 1967



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