Overbury Quiz  Saturday 14 March 2009




Round 1  Famous Partners


  1. Theatre – Antony and ?
  2. Film – Bonnie and ?
  3. Cartoon – Popeye and ?
  4. Pop Music – Sonny and ?
  5. Classical Legend – Hero and ?
  6. Musical – Porgy and ?
  7. Opera – Tristan and ?
  8. History – Napoleon and ?
  9. Muppets – Kermit and ?
  10. Radio Comedy – Ron and ?



Round 2  Food and Drink


1.      What French term is used for the small cakes or biscuits served at the end of a formal meal?

2.      Dr Johnson considered claret to be the drink for boys, port the drink for men and what drink for heroes?

3.      Which chocolate bar was advertised as ‘Full of Eastern promise’?

4.      What animal does hogget come from?

5.      In Victorian times, what were known as ‘little bags of mystery’?

6.      What dish made from cod’s roe with olive oil has a name where every other letter is an ‘a’?

7.      Which brand of drink was humorously advertised in the 70s by Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins?

8.      What are calamares (or calamari)?

9.      What name is given to a mixture of dried thyme, parsley and bay in a muslin bag? 

10.  Which Italian composer lends his name to a steak dish?


Round 3  Birds

1.      What bird was often used to advertise Guinness (punningly as well as visually)?

2.      What was the first operational vertical take off combat aircraft in the world?

  1. What was the nickname of the French singer Edith Piaf?

4.      Who was King Arthur’s magician and mentor?

5.      What was the original name of the Golden Hind, the flagship of Francis Drake on his circumnavigation of the world?        

6.      What is the nickname of Brighton FC?          

7.      Which organisation is the adversary of the Men from UNCLE?      

  1. What breed of bird did miners use to warn them of a build-up of gas in the mines?
  2. What was the name of Jodie Foster’s character in The Silence of the Lambs?
  3. What was the location of the first land battle of the Falklands war?



Round 4  Arts and Entertainment


  1. Which classic TV programme of the 60s had a theme tune called Hit and Miss?
  2. In which famous TV role will Matt Smith appear next year - the 11th to play the part?
  3. Which political correspondent voluntarily removed himself from the last UK Strictly Come Dancing celebrity talent show for fear of winning it?
  4. Which musical revival opened in January starring the winner of the TV reality programme I’d Do Anything?
  5. Who painted the portrait of the portly benefits supervisor which sold for a record £17 million in May 2008?
  6. Which 1972 hit song by the New Seekers was originally heard on a Coca-Cola commercial?
  7. In Thomas The Tank Engine, how is Sir Topham Hatt better known?
  8. Which British artist won the Turner Prize in 1995 with a collection including works called ‘Mother and Child’ and ‘Away From The Flock’?
  9. At the end of each episode of the televised Inspector Morse series, there is a Morse code signal incorporated into the title music:  what does it normally spell out?
  10. On what TV programme would you see Deborah Meaden, James Caan and Peter Jones?



Round 5  Music


To be provided


Round 6  Company Logos (hand out and mark/collect after Round 9)



            1                                    2                                  3                            4



             5                                    6                              7                            8




             9                                         10                                  11                            12




             13                               14                               15                                    16



               17                         18                                 19                                20             



Round 7 Trivia


1.      In December last year, what unexpected visitor burst into the foyer of the Boldon Cineworld cinema near Gateshead?

2.      In December last year, a 13-house estate in West Derby, Liverpool sold at auction for £735,000.  How was it better known?

3.      What was the trade of a cordwainer?

4.      What building material is made using soda, lime and silica?

5.      Which popular comedienne’s autobiography takes the form of a series of letters addressed to ‘Dear Fatty’?

6.      In golf, what does a stimpmeter measure?

7.      On what afternoon TV quiz show was the phrase ‘Question or nominate’ used?

8.      In Hitchcock’s classic film thriller Psycho, what is the name of the motel?

9.      What are snaffle, Pelham and Weymouth types of?

10.  On Friday 6 March this year, how did 29-year old eco-activist Leila Dean’s protest about the third runway at Heathrow in a particularly apt way?



Round 8 Flowers

1.      In song, who invented ‘medicinal compound’?

2.      Which flower takes its name from the Latin for a sword?

3.      The battle of Bosworth Field effectively ended which conflict?

4.      Which Indian princess was rescued by Peter Pan?

  1. Which product has been advertised with the slogan ‘Milk from Contented Cows’? 
  2. Which actress was famous for the television role of Ena Sharples? 
  3. Which female sitcom character lived on Blossom Avenue? 
  4. Which horse won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1989? 
  5. Who is the Greek goddess of the rainbow? 
  6. Which dance troupe was founded by Margaret Kelly?



Round 9   Who Am I?


Question 1

For 4 points.  I was born in June 1951 in Scotland and worked as a journalist and a TV editor, before becoming an academic at Edinburgh University

For 3.  In 1983 I became an MP having being elected for the constituency of Dunfermline East

For 2.  On August 3, 2000 I married Sarah, and have 2 sons called John and Fraser

For 1.  I served for a number of years as Chancellor of the Exchequer in the government led by Tony Blair

Question 2

For 4.  I studied catering at Westminster Kingsway College in London, and after that travelled to France to learn more about my trade


For 3.  I was brought up in a small village in Essex where my parents ran a pub called The Cricketers


For 2.  Though I didn’t actually take my clothes off, my television series and the spin-off books became enormously popular


For 1.  My last job was saving the nation’s bacon



Question 3


For 4.  I was born to famous parents on 15 September 1984


For 3.  I lost my mother when I was just 12, and was sent to Eton where I studied Art and Geography


For 2.  My private life has always been of great interest to the press, and I have been criticized for my choice of language and dress


For 1.  I am third in line to the throne


Question 4


For 4.  I was born in New Haven, Connecticut and lost a sister to leukemia when I was only seven


For 3.  I was educated at Yale and Harvard and have degrees in History and Business Administration


For 2.  After making money in the oil industry, I became part owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team


For 1.  I served as Governor of Texas before being elected President of the USA in 2000


Question 5


For 4.  I was born abroad and am the granddaughter of a famous opera singer


For 3.  My education concluded at St Aldate’s Secretarial College in Oxford, and,  as well as having secretarial qualifications, I am fluent in English, French, German and Swedish


For 2.  My personal life has frequently made the front pages, and the words men, football and litigation may come to mind


For 1.  I have had a varied career in television, originally as a weather girl, most recently winning Celebrity Big Brother



Round 10   General Knowledge


1.      Which king adopted the family name ‘Windsor’ for the British Royal House?  (name and regnal number)

2.      In the television quiz Eggheads, a new ‘egghead’ has joined Chris, Judith, Kevin, Daphne and C J.  What is his name?

3.      What is the first name of Barack Obama’s wife (not Mrs Obama)?

4.      What is the chemical symbol for calcium?

5.      The organization established in East London in 1865 as the Christian Mission to conduct warfare against evil was later renamed with what  title it bears today?

6.      In science, what is the subject of the study of mycology?

7.      Where does a Steiff teddy bear wear its indication of authenticity?

8.      Which cheeky Cockney covered the 1957 Guy Mitchell hit ‘Singing the Blues’, both reaching no 1 in the charts?

9.      The grounds of Durham County Cricket Club and Middlesbrough Football Club share a name – what is it?

10.  Who are the three male suspects in a game of  Cluedo?



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