Thanks for all your entries.  It kept me nice and busy in the first few days home recovering from my operation.


I didn’t specify any deadlines, so in joint first place are those who got full marks – congratulations to


                  LS and Helen                  


Runners-up – Mick and Pat with 24, closely followed by Teresa (23) and Terry (22).  Great efforts also from OC, Panikos, Amelie and Tim.


Among the individual questions, number 5 probably created most difficulty, while several came up with the alternative answer of ‘sloe’ to number 16:  this certainly fits the first three words of the question perfectly, but, as it ignores the remainder of the question and the alphabeticity of the answers, I decided in the end to disallow it.


The answers in full for the record are:


1.      APPLE                                    Lapped endlessly around


2.      ARTICHOKE                        Use a trick hoe …


  1. APRICOT                              … and rip coat to shreds                  


  1. BANANA                               Anna gained BA after mix-up


  1. BEAN                                     Could a pole (N) be useful?


6.      BEETROOT                          Result of better two rounds (OO)


  1. CABBAGE                             Need to beg a cab …


  1. CARROT                               … or cart for transport?


  1. DAMSON                              Mad son gets it …


  1. LETTUCE                              … but cute Celt doesn’t start to get it


  1. NECTARINE                         Entrance I used should get you there


  1. ORANGE                               Nearly a goner …


  1. PARSNIP                               … when result pins rap wrongly       


  1. PEA                                         Mad ape …   


  1. PEACH                                   (pea) … goes to church (CH)


  1. PEAR                                      Prepare to lose traveller (rep):  be prepared!


  1. PLUM                                     Will one lump be sufficient?


  1. POTATO                                Scrambled to top with top mark (A)


  1. RADISH                                 Is hard to make out


  1. SPINACH                               Chaps in trouble


  1. SPROUT                                Takes or puts out


  1. SWEDE                                  No weeds these


  1. SWEET CORN                      Score went the way you wanted it


  1. TURNIP                                 Trip untangled into …


  1. WATER CRESS                    … eruption of secret wars





Quiz Answers