Christmas Quiz 2003


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The answers to this yearís Christmas quiz are all either the proper names or common nouns for persons or people, real or imaginary, associated in some way with the story and celebration of Christmas, for example, C for carol, G for Gabriel or W M for Wise Men.The 25 questions themselves, however, are nothing to do with Christmas and, as they are in the style of a popular type of quiz question, they are lettered, not numbered.(In the case of answers with more than one word, only the name with the designated letter is required.)


Two points a question, so fifty to play for Ė top mark by Christmas Day wins the usual virtual trophy.





A.In Geography, which A falls from a great height?



B.In Literature, which B was one of four tales of life in an Alexandrian community?





C.In Overseas Affairs, which C W served Ron defensively for 6 years?



D.In Art, which D stands over 13 ft tall in Florence, though he made his name as the little guy?



E.In Celebrity, which E dressed for a famous wedding in 1981?






F.In Consumer Products, for what F is this an early advertisement?




G.In Sport, which G played their last game in 1962 against professional opposition?



H.In Politics, which H did David Blunkett say he did not wish to be in November 2003?





I.In 18th Century Drama, for what I does a young gentleman mistake the father of his bride-to-be, and as a result is conquered by her?




J.In Entertainment, which J played at school in 1968 to launch a really useful career in music?



K.In Popular Fiction, which K wrote the saga of the dark tower?





L.In Sport, which L established a home for English cricket in St Johnís Wood in 1814?





M.In Food and Drink, what B M was invented by an American barman in the 20s when he mixed vodka and tomato juice?



N.In History, which N was murdered by Bolsheviks in July 1918, together with his wife and five children?




O.In Music, what O was the post held by the man on the right in Weimar between 1708 and 1717, during which time he made his musical name?




P.In Aviation, which H P was the first British commercial company to manufacture aeroplanes?



Q.In Television, what Q links the following:Robinson, Magnusson, Gascoigne?



R.In Entertainment, which R produced the annual scoutsí London Gang Show until 1974?



S.In Literature, which S D had an artistic upbringing in Ireland?




T.In Nature, which T is the largest and rarest breed of swan?




U.In Entertainment, from which U came the singular role of Robert Vaughn?



V.In Television, as what V does the chocolate-loving Geraldine fill our screens?




W.In Geography, which W S began as a horse market and is overlooked by a statue of a national hero, King Vaslav?








Y.In History, what Y is missing from this famous poster?





Z.In Pop Music, which Z released the CD Chrome, Smoke and BBQ in November 2003?



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