Autumn Quiz






A straightforward general knowledge quiz this month.  All the questions and/or answers are connected in some way with the autumn months of September, October and November.  Two marks for each correct answer, one for a part answer or near miss.  Answers to



Current Affairs


1.      On 23 September 2002, where was the epicentre of England’s biggest earthquake for 10 years?


2.      In September 2002, which leading radio DJ made his debut on TV’s Channel 5?


3.      Which of the political parties’ traditional autumn conferences is taking place first in 2002, and where?



4.      Railtrack has a fleet of special trains which blast high-pressure water cannon on to the lines:  why?


5.      Which leader won the September 2002 general election in Germany, and who was his principal opponent?



Science and Nature


6.      What scientific word describes the first day of autumn, when the periods of day and night are equal?


  1. What term describes a late spell of unseasonably fine warm weather?


8.      What term describes the full moon which occurs in late September, giving farmers a sequence of long evenings of bright moonlight.

  1. The absence of what substance results in the colours of autumn leaves?


10.  What is this wild flower, the roots of which are traditionally used for medicinal purposes?

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History and Tradition

11.  What is celebrated on October 31?

12.  In November 1605, Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament, but who was the actual leader of the Gunpowder Plot?

13.  How is 16 September 1992 better remembered?

14.  By what term is the Soviet seizure of power in Russia in the autumn of 1917 usually known?

15.  We know it was 1066, but what was the actual date of the Battle of Hastings?

16.  In the legal, and sometimes in the educational, profession, the autumn term is known as the Michaelmas term:  what is Michaelmas Day and on what date does it fall?


The Arts


  1. Which Italian composer wrote the violin concertos ‘The Four Seasons’?


  1. Which English poet wrote Ode to Autumn?


  1. Which duo wrote the popular song entitled Autumn Leaves?


20.  To which war does the poem The Battle Autumn of 1862 by John Greenleaf Whittier refer?

  1. Which place was home to several Impressionist painters in the 1870s, and subject of this painting by Claude Monet called ‘Autumn at …’?







22.  What takes place at the Belfry on 27 – 29 September 2002?




23.  Cricket:  where is the ICC Champions Trophy taking place in September 2002?


24.  Which country did Great Britain play in the September 2002 Davis Cup tie, and what was the score in rubbers?



25.  How is estivo-autumnal malaria more commonly known?



Quiz Questions

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