Christmas Quiz 2001



The questions in this quiz were trivia questions, with the common feature that the answers could be preceded or followed by the word ‘Christmas’.  Here are the answers (plus questions, categories and comments where appropriate).


  1. Box                         Popular shrub for topiary                   Nature
  2. Broadcast              The Queen’s moved in 1957               Television (The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast moved to television in 1957)
  3. Cake                       Goes with ale in Somerset                   Literature (Cakes and Ale by W Somerset Maugham)
  4. Card                        Denry Machin                                      Literature (eponymous hero of The Card by Arnold Bennett)
  5. Carol                       Fools Neil in 1959                                 Music (Oh Carol by Neil Sedaka – ‘Oh Carol I am but a fool’)
  6. Cracker                   Robbie’s detective exploits                Television (Robbie Coltrane played the psychologist Fitz in TV series Cracker)
  7. Decorations          Gongs                                                    Protocol (slang for medals)
  8. Dinner                    Murderous meal for guests                Games (‘Murder dinner’ – at which guests investigate an imaginary murder)
  9. Disease                  Haemophilia B                                      Medicine (a variant of ordinary haemophilia also known as Christmas Disease)
  10. Eve                         First lady                                               Religion
  11. Father                     Brown detective                                   Literature (Father Brown in the stories of G K Chesterton)         
  12. Happy                    One of seven                                        Films (dwarf in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
  13. Island                     Cook’s discovery on Christmas Eve History  (Captain Cook discovered Christmas Island on Christmas Eve 1777)
  14. Lights                     Aurora borealis                                    Nature (the Northern Lights)
  15. Merry                     Cheerful hobbit                                    Literature (character in The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien)
  16. Oratorio                 Unstaged musical                                Music (a dramatic choral work, for example The Christmas Oratorio by Bach)
  17. Party                       It was Lesley’s in 1963                        Music (It’s My Party by Lesley Gore)
  18. Past                        Taps into history                                 Words (anagram – Christmas Past appears in The Christmas Carol by  Dickens)
  19. Present                   Time for Noel to laugh                        Theatre (Present Laughter, play by Noel Coward)
  20. Pudding                 Start of great fire                                  History (the Great Fire of London of 1666 started in Pudding Lane)
  21. Rose                       Symbol of Labour                                Politics (New Labour use a rose as their emblem)         
  22. Spirit                       Showed guts in solo flight                 History (The Spirit of St Louis made the first solo trans-Atlantic flight)
  23. Stocking                Blue for academics                               Words (idiom – ‘blue-stocking’)
  24. Tree                        Famous theatrical                                 Theatre (Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, actor/producer and founder of RADA)
  25. White                     Murder suspect                                    Games (Mrs White is one of the six suspects in a standard game of Cluedo)



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