Christmas Quiz                                                                                                                                                                                        



The questions in this quiz are trivia questions, and most of the questions and answers themselves are not related to this time of the year - a category is given for each question to help you.  However, all the (one word) answers can be preceded or followed by the word ‘Christmas’.  The answers are in alphabetical order.


Answers on Christmas Eve, and a virtual prize for the first correct answer.



1.       Nature                           Popular shrub for topiary


2.       Television                     The Queen’s moved in 1957


3.       Literature                      Goes with ale in Somerset                             


4.       Literature                      Denry Machin


5.       Music                           Fools Neil in 1959


6.       Television                     Robbie’s detective exploits                          


7.       Protocol                       Gongs


8.       Games                          Murderous meal for guests                             


9.       Medicine                       Haemophilia B


10.   Religion                        First lady


11.   Literature                      Brown detective


12.   Films                            One of seven


13.   History                         Cook’s discovery on Christmas Eve


14.   Nature                           Aurora borealis


15.   Literature                      Cheerful hobbit                                          


16.   Music                           Unstaged musical


17.   Music                           It was Lesley’s in 1963


18.   Words                          Taps into history


19.   Theatre                         Time for Noel to laugh


20.   History                         Start of great fire                                        


21.   Politics                         Symbol of Labour


22.   History                         Showed guts in solo flight


23.   Words                          Blue for academics


24.   Theatre                         Famous theatrical                                            


25.   Games                          Murder suspect






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