Quiz of the Year












Thank you for your entries.Some very good answers, and the winner, with 50 points, was Bill, just shading it from Mike, also with 50 points, on timing.Keith was a close third with 48.Congratulations also to BrownFurby, an all-correct answer except for the sport, omitted on principle (sorry but there is always a lot of it in the newspapers) and to Sylvie, who wins the consolation prize.


I said the bonuses were just for fun as some of them were, I thought, a fair bit harder.Nevertheless Bill got all but one, and Mike and Keith missed only a handful between them.



Here are all the answers:


Home News




2.Estelle Morris, former Secretary of State for Education, who told the press "I have not done the job as well as I should have done".Bonus:Charles Clarke


3.Edwina Currie.Bonus:A Parliamentary Affair


4.Lord Archer, moved from open to closed prison.Bonus:Gillian Shephard, deputy Conservative Party chairman


5.Green Goddess.Bonus:According to an MOD press release, there are 827, but between 800 and 900 is close enough


The pictures were:the National Lottery logo, Clarke, the Houses of Parliament, a prison interior, a Green Goddess


Foreign News


6.Slobodan Milosevic.Bonus:the indictment specifies crimes in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo


7.Colin Powell.Bonus:Donald Rumsfeld


8.Nord-Ost.Bonus:North East


9.Boris Becker.Bonus:Three


10.Jacques Chirac.Bonus:Jean-Marie Le Pen


The pictures were:Milosevic, Powell, a scene from Nord-Ost, Becker, Le Pen


Arts and Entertainment


11.Will Young.Bonus:Gareth Gates


12.Xbox.Bonus:Sony (Playstation 2) [some of you put Nintendo GameCube:I obviously canít vouch for the figures, but I did read in more than one source that Sony were the market leaders, though things may have changed]


13.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.Bonus:Kenneth Branagh


14.Kylie Minogue, for Fever.Bonus:Sting


15.Mick Jagger (of the Rolling Stones).Bonus:Bobby Robson, former England football manager


The pictures were:Young, the Xbox, Harry Potter, cover of Fever, Jagger and Robson


Business and Technology




17.Twelve.Bonus:Denmark and Sweden


18.Ariane.Bonus:Kourou, French Guinea (in South America)


19.Carrots, grown in their original colour of purple (the Dutch having popularised the present orange colour in the 16th Century).Bonus:Sainsbury's


20.Gateshead (the Millennium bridge).Bonus:The Stirling prize for architecture


The pictures were:a Freeview set-top box, Euro notes, Ariane, carrots, the Millennium bridge at Gateshead




21.Lance Armstrong.Bonus:Four (Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Jacques Anquetil, Miguel Indurain)


22.Ronaldo with 8 goals.Bonus:Gary Lineker in Mexico 1986 with 6 goals


23.Semi-final.Bonus:Lleyton Hewitt


24.Lennox Lewis.Bonus:Memphis, Tennessee


25.Michael Schumacher.Bonus:Ferrari


The pictures were:Armstrong, Lineker, Henman, Lewis, a Ferrari