Easter Quiz:  Answers and Results


The quiz turned out to be harder, or less interesting, than I intended:  no one got full marks.  The key to it was that all the answers could be made from the letters of the word ‘Easter’.  Because of this limitation, the questions were fairly cryptic, and further disguised by putting them into mock categories rather than into their real categories.


Nevertheless, Tim produced a respectable score within a few days, and filled in some of the gaps later.  He is therefore the outright winner. 


Of the others who tried, Teresa was doing well (without any help from me) before she got stuck, and several made a good start without finishing. 


Congratulations to Tim.  Here is your virtual cup:





And the answers were:





1.  ART


2.  SEA


3.  SEER


4.  TEA





5.  EASE


6.  SAT


7.  SET


8.  STAR







10.  SEE


11.  TERSE





12.  STARE




13.  ERSE


14.  RATE


15.  REST



Proverbs and Sayings


16.  SEAT


17.  STEER


18.  TAR



General Knowledge


19.  EAR


20.  EAST


21.  TEAR


22.  TEE





23.  ASTER


24.  EAT


25.  TREE







The answers in alphabetic order, together with the question, its actual category and its mock category, and a gloss on the answer, are as follows:


art       Said to hide itself to deceive you  (Proverbs and Sayings/Nature)  Ars est celare artem (there is an art which hides art)


aster    Large daisy  (Nature/Brainteaser)  Botanically similar


ear       Should Antony have applied to the listening bank?  (Literature/General Knowledge)  ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears’ (from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar)


ease    Life of Reilly?  (Proverbs and Sayings/History) Equals a life of ease (saying)


east     Company of imperial rulers (History/General Knowledge)  The East India Company, which ran India in the 19th Century


eat       Carpe diem, loosely  (Proverbs and Sayings/Brainteaser)  ‘Eat, drink and be merry For tomorrow we die’ (sayings, Latin and English)


erse     Celtic form of expression (General Knowledge/Sport) Form of Gaelic language spoken in Ireland and Scotland         


rate     Now under Bank’s control, but not Gordon’s  (General Knowledge/Sport) Interest rates now set by the Bank of England, not the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Gordon Brown)


rest      Taken at the seventh  (Religion/Sport)   The day of rest


sat       A common example of early writing (General Knowledge/History)  ‘The cat sat on the mat’ – sentence often used in teaching reading and writing


sea      Water for Iris (Literature/Nature)  The Sea, the Sea by Iris Murdoch     


seat     Bob may have two or four (Sport/Proverbs and Sayings)  Bobsleigh events are for two and four men sleighs


see      Pope would write here (Religion/Literature)  The Holy See


seer     Dry weather forecaster? (Brainteaser/Nature)  Pun: ‘seer’, a prophet or fortune-teller, sounds like ‘sere’ (dry)


set        After diversionary activity, put before marriage in the end (Sport/History)  ‘Game, set and match’ called at the end of a tennis match


star      Superior body providing guidance to Kings (Religion/History)  The star followed by the Magi


stare    Tramp’s philosophical question (Literature/Religion)  ‘What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?’ (W H Davies)


steer    Cox (Sport/Proverbs and Sayings)  Steering is the main function of the cox in rowing


tar       Blackjack? (Brainteaser/Proverbs and Sayings)  ‘Tar’ – associated with blackness, and ‘Jack Tar’, colloquial for sailor


tea       Chaotic meal for young explorer (Literature/Nature)  The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


tear     Rip-off in floods  (Brainteaser/General Knowledge)  Pun: ‘rip off’ meaning to tear, also ‘floods of tears’


tease   Richard’s plea for honest dealing (General Knowledge/History)  ‘Please, please, don’t tease’ – Cliff Richard hit of 1960


tee       Provides support for drivers (Sport/General Knowledge)  Tee as used in golf


terse    Laconic speech in English (General Knowledge/Literature)  ‘Laconic’ means terse, or of few words


tree     Sequoia (Nature/Brainteaser)  The giant American Redwood tree







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