Roger's Easter Quiz




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Another holiday quiz for you.There is no theme as such this time, but you will notice something about the answers, which will help you as you proceed.


As before, however few, or however many, words there are in the full answer, only one word (in singular form) is required in answer to each of the 25 questions.Scoring: 25 questions, two points for each correct one word answer, one point for a near miss.Closing date:Good Friday


I have a further observation, and an apology, to make.Unfortunately, having chosen a set of subject categories for the questions, I found that MS Word had a mind of its own and it has scattered the questions all over the place, so that not one of them has ended up in the right category.I donít suppose this will bother you at all, but I wouldnít wish you to be misled.


Good luck.Iíll publish the answers and a high score table on Easter Monday.






1.Said to hide itself to deceive you


2.Iris would find water here



3.Dry weather forecaster?


4.Chaotic meal for young explorer





5.Life of Reilly?


6.A common example of early writing


7.After diversionary activity, put before marriage in the end


8.Superior body providing guidance to Kings




9.Richardís plea for honest dealing






10.Pope would write here


11.Laconic speech in English






12.Trampís philosophical question




13.Celtic form of expression



14.Under Bankís control, but not Gordonís


15.Taken at the seventh



Proverbs and Sayings


16.Bob may have two or four









General Knowledge


19.Should Antony have asked the listening bank?



20.Company of imperial rulers

21.Rip-off in floods


22.Provides support for drivers




23.Large daisy



24.Carpe diem, loosely