Holiday Quiz Answers


Hope you enjoyed the quiz.  Mick and Pat got them all – congratulations – and I know others did too, without telling me.  The answers are largely self-checking, but here they are for the record:



  1. BEACH                                  Golden composition in E (BACH)
  2. BED AND BREAKFAST    Unusually DRAB BANK DEFEATS plan to provide temporary accommodation    
  3. BOATING                             NOT A BIG problem to find something to do at the seaside
  4. BUCKET AND SPADE       Terribly BAD CUT SANK DEEP into little boy’s things
  5. CANDY FLOSS                   What luck!  Sweet tooth’s FANCY’S SOLD out
  6. DECKCHAIR                       HACKER got into trouble with CID for holding up figures
  7. DODGEM CARS                 MAD CODGERS going around and around
  8. DONKEY RIDE                    INDEED, YORK provides transport for younger citizens
  9. FAIR GROUND                   IF OUR GRAND design is accepted as a place of entertainment
  10. FISH AND CHIPS               Well organised CHAP FINDS HIS food cheap and cheerful
  11. ICE CREAM                         In Morecambe, perhaps, ERIC CAME to enjoy this treat
  12. LANDLADY                         Dilly DALLY AND you may encounter her wrath
  13. LOUNGER                            GUN LORE gives way to place of repose
  14. PIER                                       RIPE for development as a seaside attraction
  15. PIERROT SHOW               HOW REPORT IS altered to make it really entertaining
  16. POSTCARDS                      After mix-up, CAD SPORTS colourful reminder of the episode
  17. PROMENADE                      MAD OPENER went walkabout
  18. SANDCASTLE                    LAD’ S ASCENT to a temporary position of safety
  19. SEA SHELLS                       SHE SELLS A lot of these on the beach
  20. SEAWEED                            A SWEDE taking on English management shows something growing beyond our shores
  21. SUN BATHING                    We will forcefully BAN THUGS IN the business of changing their appearance
  22. SUN CREAM                        This, correctly applied, CURES MAN of too much exposure to heat
  23. SUN GLASSES                    SUNLESS GAS swirls around:  we may have to protect our eyes

24.    TALENT SHOW                 Opportunity HOTEL WANTS to exploit

  1. WIND BREAK                     WE DRINK A Bottle first, keeping off the draught



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