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The twelve answers to this puzzle comprise a coherent set, and the questions, therefore, give a cryptic reference to each solution, but do not define it. Once you have discovered what the set is, I dont think it will take you long to work out the answers. Like me, you may find you need to look up some of the answers to confirm them, but Im sure youll find a good book for this. Answers soon.



1.     Share option


2.     in some trouble


3.     Doctors jab me in neck first while


4.     Joes acidity needs adjusting


5.     Unveil


6.     and change


7.     plain hat for another


8.     New DA given first place


9.     as his car crashes


10.                        Can a French beer be brewed


11.                        and Zulu be given name change?


12.                        Jays letter had upper class confused





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