Overbury Bowling Club – Quiz Night Friday 21 April 2006


Round 1 Round 1 – Fill in the Letters                     


Where        454 G in a P        =  454 grams in a pound

and             14 F – SVD                   =  14 February – St Valentine’s Day



1.  1066 – B of H           ______________________________________


2.  26 L in the A            ______________________________________


3.  50 S in the USA        ______________________________________

4.  1 J – N Y D              ______________________________________


5.  16 O in a P               ______________________________________


6.  1961 F M in S          ______________________________________


7.  5 L and 2 F F the 5000      _________________________________

8.  9 P in the S S            ______________________________________

9.  1492 - C S the O B   ______________________________________


10.  1666 – G F of L     ______________________________________

11.  23 A - S G D           ______________________________________


12.  1966 E W W C      ______________________________________

13.  2001: A S O            ______________________________________

14.  9 L of a C               ______________________________________

15.  10 G B H on the W _______________________________________


Round 2  Pot Luck 1


1.     In December 2005, which former England cricketer won the third series of Strictly Come Dancing?


2.     In Music, what instrument is James Galway famous for playing?


3.     Bowls:  name either the men’s or ladies’ individual gold medal winner at the 2006 Commonwealth Games?


4.     In Motoring, what became compulsory in British cars in 1983?


5.     Words:  what word can go before ‘cup’, ‘scotch’ and ‘fly’ to make three new words?


6.     In Gardening, what insects does a buddleia plant attract?


7.     In Dressmaking, what name is given to the scissors with serrated blades which are used for cutting cloth?


8.     In Meteorology, which Admiral devised a measurement scale which still bears his name today?


9.     In Cockney rhyming slang, what is a Joanna?


10.                       What horse won the Totesport Gold Cup at Cheltenham on 17 March 2006?



Round 3 Entertainment


1.     Television:  what is the surname of Jack and Vera, long time residents of Coronation Street?


2.     Television:  what was the name of the much-loved steeplejack, traction engine builder and TV personality who died in 2004?


3.     Games:  what board game would involve you in detective work at Tudor Close?


4.     In Films, who was looking for courage in The Wizard of Oz?


5.     Music:  which pop star of the 70s, who dressed as a clown for his first number one, recently returned to head the charts again?


6.     Films:  from which famous film of 1942 does the hero say this:  ‘Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine’?


7.     Theatre:  ‘Food, glorious food’ is a song from which 1960 musical by Lionel Bart?


8.     By what name were TV cookery stars Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright better known?

Film (based on a Nobel prize winning novel):  which doctor did Omar Sharif play in the film of the same name set in Russia at the time of the Bolshevik revolution?


10.                        Books (also a television adaptation):  which famous fictional sisters were called:  Jane, Elizabeth, Kitty, Lydia and Mary?



Round 4  Food and Drink


1. Which salad, containing apple, celery and walnuts in mayonnaise, is named after the New York hotel where it was first prepared?


2. What did John Montagu invent, allegedly so that he could eat with one hand while playing cards with the other?


3. Who founded the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain in 1952?


4. Which North American beetle, whose original diet was the buffalo burr, a member of the potato family, is now a world-wide pest?

5. Which drink is advertised with the slogan ‘made in Scotland from girders’?


6. In cooking, ‘florentine’ means garnished with what vegetable?

7. The Italian song ‘O Sole Mio’ was given new words to advertise what summertime treat?


8. Which famous drinks company's name originates from a medical condition concerning stomach pains that it was initially intended to cure?


9. Which type of snack is named after the French words for ‘twice cooked’?


10. Which two popular fruits are anagrams of each other?



Round 5  Geography and History


1.  Which of Henry VIII’s wives gave birth to his only son Edward, later to become Edward VI?


2. Where in England would you find Blue John?


3. To whom is the parish church at Overbury dedicated?


4. Who led the Labour Party to victory in the 1945 General Election?


5. Which mountain is known locally as Chomolungma, which means 'Goddess mother of the world?


6. Who was the Egyptologist who discovered and excavated the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922?


7. Pitcairn Island, in the Pacific Ocean, was settled by the mutineers from which famous ship?


8. Geography:  there are at least two European capital cities whose  name begins and ends with the same letter.  Can you name at least one of them?


9.  From which port did the Titanic sail to begin its fateful maiden voyage on April 10, 1912?


10.  Which naturalist drew on his observations of life on the Galapagos Islands, off the west coast of South America, to demonstrate his major theory?


Round 6  Home and Garden


1.     Woolworth’s is named after the surname of its founder.  Which of his other names did he use as a brand name for his own goods?


2.     Kelvedon Wonder and Little Marvel are types of what?


3.     In which room of the house would you be most likely to use the inventions of Kenneth Wood?


4.     Pets:  which type of dog was named after Charles II?


5.     What type of material is cheesecloth?


6.     In what indoor game might you score ‘one for his nob’?


7.     ‘Dutch’, ‘draw’ and ‘wheel’ are all types of which common garden tool?


8.     Furniture:  if you had a ‘tantalus’, what would you keep in it?


9.     What labour-saving device did Edwin Beard Budding, an engineer from Stroud, invent in 1830?


10.                          Used in most homes, by what name is the chemical ‘sodium hypochlorite’ better known?



Round 7  Memory Lane


1.     In the Second World War, who was known in Britain as ‘the Forces’ sweetheart’?


2.     Which type of music in the 50s used a washboard as one of the instruments?


3.     Which revolutionary small car was launched by Austin and Morris in 1959?


4.     In the 1957 film about prisoners of war in Burma, where was the bridge?


5.     According to the Animals, what was the name of the house in New Orleans?


6.     Football:  which England manager was knighted after England won the World Cup in 1966?


7.     On television, where would you have found Dougal, Florence and Zebedee?


8.     Elvis Presley:  which colour links a hit song about his footwear and a film made after he served in the Army?


9.     Medicine:  in which country did the world’s first heart transplant take place?


10.                          A former sports commentator on radio, who was the original regular host of the BBC television panel game What’s My Line?



Round 8  Science and Nature


1.     In Maths, which numerical system is based on 1s and 0s?


2.     In 1877, which American inventor made the first ever sound recording?


3.     In the periodic table of elements, what metallic element has the chemical symbol ‘Pb’?


4.     In the solar system, which planet is the third furthest away from the sun?


5.     In computing, what was launched by Microsoft in November 1985?


6.     Which bird’s name sounds like a letter of the alphabet?


7.     What kind of fish is a dogfish?


8.     What poisonous gas is found in the exhaust fumes of car engines?


9.     In Medicine, which common pain-killing drug is derived from salicylic acid?


10.                         What, in the animal world, is a leveret?



Round 9  Pot Luck 2


1.     In the TV quiz, Mastermind, what colour was the contestant’s chair?


2.     In transport, on the London Underground, what became illegal in 1984?


3.     Television:  what was the name of Steptoe and Son's horse?


4.     Geography:  of which island is Palma the capital?


5.     Words:  what is the only English anagram of GROWN?


6.     Television:  which Clive starred in Dad’s Army?


7.     Sport:  how many points do you get for potting the pink ball in snooker, in normal play? 


8.     In Education, what does the G stand for in GCSE?


9.     History:  what are the Thankful Villages?


10.                        Motoring:  which carmaker's name translates into English as 'people's car'?



Round 10  Picture Round


                                  1                                                                      2



                   3                                     4                               5




                6                                   7                               8




                        9                                                 10



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