Overbury Bowling Club – Quiz Night


Saturday 20 January 2007


Round 1 - Pot Luck


1.      Which English county is also known as Salop?

  1. What famous German airship crashed in New Jersey in 1937?
  2. In which fountain should you toss a coin if you want to return to Rome?
  3. Which chess piece is never taken?
  4. What is the name of Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective?
  5. If in a race you overtook the person in 6th place, what position would you then be in? 
  6. In 1847, what did Sir Charles Isham introduce to the English garden? 
  7. In which mountain range is the Jungfrau massif?
  8. In 1896, the discovery of gold in a Canadian river valley led to which famous gold rush?
  9.   What instrument is used to measure the presence of radio-activity? 



Round 2   What’s Your Name?

(All answers are, or contain, a common Christian name)  


  1. Which of the signs of the Zodiac can also be a man's name? 
  2. What is the name of the type of belt, originally made of leather with a diagonal sash and worn by British officers in the First World War? 
  3. In rugby, what do you call as you catch the ball inside your own 22 to get a free kick? 
  4. Which herb is used in pesto? 
  5. In the underworld, what is a safe-breaker known as? 
  6. Which TV programme have Eamonn Andrews, Leslie Crowther and Michael Aspel  presented? 
  7. What common English tree has the Latin name ilex aquifolium? 
  8. What game is played with a set of small six-pointed metal pieces and a small ball, the object being to pick up the pieces in various combinations? 
  9. What is the NATO phonetic word for the letter O? 
  10. What fossil resin, also used for jewellery, is much valued as a preservative? 


Round 3 Entertainment


  1. Former 60s model and now one of the faces of Marks and Spencer, how is Leslie Hornby better known? 
  2. Which film famously used the line ‘I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse’? 
  3. The music 'The Devil's Gallop' was used as the theme for which early radio adventure series? 
  4. In Coronation Street, who died in April 2006 in the arms of his long time rival? 
  5. Who won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award in December 2006? 
  6. What recent TV series is quite literally a spin-off from Doctor Who? 
  7. What subject does Monty Don present on television? 
  8. In September 2006 the TV programme How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria selected a star for which musical? 
  9. Which TV family live at 742 Evergreen Terrace? 
  10.  What’s the name of the new James Bond (the actor’s name)? 


Round 4   The A Team

(All ten answers begin with the letter A)


  1. The largest breed of terrier
  2. Circular coral reef that encloses a lagoon
  3. The citadel of Ancient Athens
  4. This North African country was invaded by France in 1830, and is the largest country crossed by the Greenwich meridian
  5. Nearest galaxy to our own galaxy
  6. First of the noble gases alphabetically
  7. Any alloy of mercury
  8. Five letter word deriving from the Latin meaning ‘elsewhere’
  9. Common name for the thyroid cartilage
  10. Sixth Thursday after Easter



Round 5 Picture Round


Name these famous groups:



                      1                                 2                                       3



Who are these well known people?



           4                     5                     6                        7                          8



Name these animals:



                9                                  10                            11                          12


Where are these places:



           13                                     14                           15                           16



Round 6   Also Known As …



Who or what is also known as


  1. The Granite City
  2. The Flanders Mare
  3. The King of Spain
  4. The Man with the Golden Trumpet

5.      The Platinum Blonde

6.      The Master of Suspense

7.      The Louisville Lip

8.      The City of Dreaming Spires

9.      The Iron Lady

10.  The Garden of England



Round 7  Home and Garden


  1. Where do you commonly find the quotation ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’?  
  2. Who invented the ball-point pen? 
  3. What is catalogued by Stanley Gibbons? 
  4. In the world of computers, what does ISP stand for? 
  5. Flemish bond and English bond are types of what? 
  6. From which country does the dish paella originate? 
  7. Who invented the sewing machine in 1851? 
  8. What breakfast cereal is advertised on television by Ian Botham? 
  9. If you had a ‘moneymaker’ on your plate, what would it be? 
  10. In a standard game of Cluedo, which of the following characters could not be the murderer:  Mrs White, Dr Black, Professor Plum or Miss Scarlet? 



Round 8   Man’s Best Friend


What is the name of the pet dog or companion of


1.      Dennis the Menace

2.      Dr Who

3.      Punch and Judy.

4.      Little Orphan Annie

5.      Dorothy Gale

6.      Charlie Brown

7.      Joe Carraclough

8.      The Famous Five

9.      The Darlings

10.  Corporal Rusty



Round 9  Have You Been Paying Attention?



  1. In November last year, who swapped his chair at the BBC for a similar but more lucrative one at ITV? 

2.      What was the poison allegedly used to murder the Russian dissident Anatoliy Litvinenko? 

  1. Where will David Beckham be playing his football next year? 
  2. Who is the Member of Parliament for Tewkesbury? 
  3. Who preceded John Reid as Home Secretary? 
  4. Which famous show business scientologist got married in November 2006? 
  5. Where would you have been this winter if you had been a member of the Barmy Army? 
  6. Where is the next summer Olympic Games to be held? 
  7. Which controversial film director walked out of the Big Brother celebrity house last week?
  8.  What will all true Scotsmen be eating next Thursday?



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