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About a year ago, we set a quiz in which the answers were the names of British politicians.The answers to these questions are all the names of Presidents of the United States of America, and therefore may be known to a wider audience.Clues are to the surnames only, so one or two answers may be repeated, as some presidents shared a name.


There are only 42 holders of the office to choose from, so Iíve not felt it necessary to help you any further, and the answers are not in any particular order.



1       Not associated with strong ale

2       Not associated with good wine

3       Not associated with group of five


4       Did he beat about it?

5       Did he draw a lot?

6       Did he wear tweeds?



7       Did he have a high mileage?

8       Did he come off the production line?


9       Cartoon creator?

10  Cartoon character?



11  Did he clean up the office?

12  Did he see through you?

13  Was he prone to self-advertisement?



14  Established the new Camelot

15  Established the old Camelot


16  But he was by no means green!

17  No dumb blonde he!

18  A sharp fellow?


19  In a bit of a fog, we hear

20  A smooth flower, by the sound of it

21  He would dance, given a bit longer



22  Sounds like a man who would suit you

23  Sounds like a man who would not betray you


24  Not the old revolutionary, what!

25  A capital fellow, what!



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