Summer Solstice Quiz






21 June 2001



Here is a midsummer quiz for you.There are again 25 questions, but you will note that this is 24 + 1, a factor you should bear in mind when looking for the theme.Once you find it, Iíve no doubt the answers will not take you long.


The questions are of two types:the one and two word questions are trivia questions, with only the most important words shown.The other questions are cryptic clues, and for these the number of letters in the solution is given in each case.The type of question does not relate to the answer in any way and the questions are simply in alphabetical order, though there is a more logical order for the answers, which are all of one word.You also need to know the cut-off date, which is 22 July, when I will publish the results and answers.




1.     Angles to see if sheís making it up (6)



2.     Aquifer


3.     Arthropod stings


4.     Aslan



5.     Bent cops hiding out in Rio look for top-of-the-range car (7)


6.     Cooperís mate



7.     Derby County


8.     Foreign books can be found in Braille, but not the French (5)



9.     He shoots into the charts with new aria busting its guts (11)


10.                        If a week is a long time in politics, this is an age in music (8)



11.                        Justice


12.                         Madonna



13.                         Minotaur


14.                        Northern line



15.                        ĎOh youíll never get to heaven, in an old Ford carí (6)



16.                        Rolls-Royce company briefly involved in wild panic at winter forecast (9)



17.                        Sign of a crumpled toga (4)


18.                        Spring sign



19.                        Snooker champion


20.                        Space programme



21.                        Species swimming without energy (6)


22.                        Supernova explosion


23.                        Thanks!We hear you are in front of us.What bull! (6)


24.                        They didnít build Rome in a day or two (5)



25.                        Toxophilite





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