Trivia Quiz

June 2001


Merry felt that many of you would like a straight trivia quiz, so here is one.  No cryptic clues, no anagrams, just straightforward questions about some well-known, and some not so well-known, facts.  Well, except for the last question  – oops, that’s not an anagram, is it?  No, it’s more of a kind of kick-self so beloved of trivia quiz masters.


Answers at the end of the month.



The Arts


1.  Who looked back in anger in 1956?



2.  Who was ‘eyeless in Gaza, at the mill with slaves’?


3.  Which prize is awarded annually for the greatest contribution to art in Great Britain?




4.  Whose ring starts with gold and ends in twilight?


Science and Technology


5.  What is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust?


6.  Which computer company is known as ‘Big Blue’?


7.  Which mathematician invented the first system of logarithms?






8.  Who, in the 50s, invented a revolutionary new engine, first used in a production car in the 60s?




9.  Which famous iron structure is 300m high?


10.  Who led the first circumnavigation of the globe, but died before it returned home?





11.  What cost $7.2 million in 1868?



12.  Where did a little boy fall down in 1945?


13.  What name is given to the two wars between Britain and China in the 19th Century?





14.  Who founded an orderly society in 1534?



15.  What is the shortest book of the Old Testament?





16.  Who was just four short of averaging 100?



17.  In what sport could you find a goal-line, a crease and a face-off?


Words and Languages


18.  What is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet?


19.  What French phrase describes a policy of non-intervention?



20.  What name could describe a match or the devil?





21.  What kind of puzzle uses pictures or symbols to stand for the words of the solution?




22.  Who took a small step in 1969?



23.  What acronym describes the largest stock exchange in the United States, though it has no premises of its own?




24.  Whose refusal to salute a hat is said to have led to the birth of a nation?



25.  The initial letters of the other 24 answers (ignoring any articles, honorifics or first names) can be arranged to make a well-known question.  What is it?










Created 10 June 2001