Journal 2020


January Ė February Ė March


The mild winter continued, so no transport difficulties for Rogerís indoor bowls, though raising a full quota of players some weeks required a number of phone calls.We also continued to enter the monthly pub quiz across the road.


On Sunday 2 February we went to the bowling clubís annual lunch, held again at Dumbleton Hall.It was very well attended this year, and, as usual, good food and very well-presented.


On Thursday 20 Teresa spent the night with Helen in Bristol, and enjoyed the following morning looking round the shops.Helen was also able to spend the following week-end at home, and came with us to the pub quiz.


By March, of course, concerns were rising about the Corona virus pandemic.The bowls club Annual Quiz on Saturday 7 went ahead with some limited attempts at social distancing, but we were, of course, crammed in six to a table.Fortunately, there were no adverse consequences.The quiz itself was a tight affair, going right down to the final question, and Iím pleased to say we just sneaked home.Juliet and Sam had been able to join us for the evening, and, as usual, Samís determination on the picture round made all the difference.


On Friday 6 we had to drive to Gloucester for an appointment with Juliet and Samís solicitors with regard to their planned house purchase Ė we are providing a deposit contribution.That was to prove our last outing beyond the limited confines of our domestic existence for many weeks.


On Monday 9 we decided voluntarily to self-isolate, the following weekend all the remaining indoor bowls matches were cancelled, and the Government, belatedly in some peopleís opinion, introduced the formal lockdown on Monday 23 March.



March - May


Our Covid-19 Experience


Teresa and Roger have been self-isolating at home since Sunday 8 March, as we are both in vulnerable groups, Teresa on account of her asthma and Roger because of his age.Our last social event was on the preceding Saturday, when the bowls club held its annual quiz.It was well attended, and, though there were some attempts at social distancing, eg the Corona bump, there were also many traditional bowls club hugs and handshakes.


Since lockdown on 23 March, not being huge socialites, our regime has not seemed too onerous.Teresa has used the time to tackle some of the jobs around the house that take a back seat in more normal times, and we have tried to have some communal activity each evening, eg music or watching old films.Nevertheless, we desperately hope for the younger generationís sake that the tide will turn soon, and we can resume all our normal activities.



Teresa and Juliet have joined much of the country in clapping for the NHS on Thursdays, and have decorated our front window accordingly.A similar thank-you in the porch greets the delivery men we now heavily rely on.


The thank-you pictures were repeated in chalk on the drive until heavy rain washed them away.









We have a kind elderly neighbour to thank for one our regular lockdown activities.She has a large garden, and thoughtfully asked her gardener to put a hole in the middle of her grassy area, provided us with a couple of clubs and golf-balls and invited us to play a few holes of what I can only describe as miniature pitch-and-putt clock-golf.We have scarcely missed a day!We are pretty evenly matched, that is both as bad as each other, but have had our moments:Teresa has hit four holes-in-one and Roger one.


††††† ††††††

We had to wrap up in March, but it got warm in April.And see!A hole-in-one for Teresa, together with the evidence.