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We started this personal website when I retired in 2000.The Web is invaluable in researching questions, and, of course, answers when I get stuck on crosswords or quizzes.I also like to keep up to date with sports results, and am an inveterate weather watcher.


Guardian Sports News

Weather for Cheltenham

Weather for Evesham


My own personal memories of computing developments are attached.



After nearly 25 years at Darkes Farm, caring for house and garden, I picked up a number of tips, which are in my Household Hints page.





In 2002 we moved to Toddington:there isnít much gardening here as our plot is quite small.


Toddington Village Hall Website

Our move Ö





This is about the extent of my gardening nowadays:mowing the lawn takes all of about half an hour.




We currently drive a Skoda Octavia, new in 2012, and proving to be a distinct improvement on our last Rover 45.We hope to make it last, as we have generally done with our cars.






In the summer, I play bowls at Overbury Bowling Club, about 15 mins drive away, and, as well as club events, we play matches in the South Worcestershire Triples and Concorde leagues and friendlies against most of the North Gloucestershire clubs.In the winter I play indoors, at Malvern and at Littleton, near Evesham.Last year, we started up a short mat group in the new Toddington Village Hall and you can see me bowling here.






Part of our reason for moving was a heart attack soon after retiring:this was followed by triple bypass graft surgery in July 2002 at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.It seems to have been very successful, curing the angina and breathlessness.However, discomfort from the chest wound has continued longer than I had hoped.

Bristol Royal Infirmary

My operation





We continue to enjoy our collection of traditional fiddling.At one time, one of the bands came to the Cheltenham Everyman in the autumn.We have seen the Boys of the Lough, with Aly Bain, a couple of times, Patrick Street, with Kevin Burke (pictured, top), the latter also appearing in the Celtic Fiddle Festival.More recently, bands have visited The Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury, where we have seen Aly Bain, the Feast of Fiddles and Show of Hands (pictured, bottom). Useful links are



Kevin Burke

Show of Hands






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