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17 February 2021


Roger had his Covid vaccination on 9 January an early morning appointment: the centre was very quiet and he was waved straight in, jabbed, and out again after the 15 minutes observation. No after effects from the jab, but ten days later we received a Parking Penalty Notice from the firm managing the near-by car park we used. We had been particularly careful to take the right money for the car park to avoid any possible delay in getting to this important appointment we rarely use car-parks these days and have been known to struggle with card-payments. But foolishly we had thrown the ticket out as soon as we returned home. Both Teresa and I wrote angry letters to the firm ParkingEye and eventually they cancelled the penalty, but without any attempt at explanation, still less apology. We since discovered that this firm is notorious for its heavy-handed treatment of its customers, and heard of other incidents from our small circle of acquaintances, and also from cases reaching the national and local press. My first reaction on opening the penalty notice letter had been to say SCAM! Nothing since has changed my mind.