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Hello to some special ’net friends

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I love messing around with my three computers, and spend hours surfing the net.  I am co-admin of hard-facts.net – you can find our lively and entertaining community here.  We have a fun chat session on Friday nights 9.45 – 11pm.


Come and join us!!  News, puzzles, quizzes, cooking, humour and good company.



Since Clyde our pony joined the family I have been writing about the trials and tribulations of being mum to a pony-rider.









I love to play games online –  my  favourite is a fantasy world, Mystical Mud - invent a character, buy equipment, battle monsters such as dragons and struggle to find your way around the towns and the rest of the world, visiting places as diverse as the Chessboard, Ancient Rome, Hell, Camelot, the Elven Woods, and the Pyramids, to name but a few.  The world is HUGE.  You can group with other (real) players if you keep getting lost and need some help to gain levels, or you can play alone.  

I can’t recommend this game enough if you like this sort of thing…  and even if you think you don’t, believe me, you haven’t lived until you’ve enjoyed a life-or-death struggle with Roman centurions or Avalon maidens at midnight… 




My mother died in 2002, after being for many years a good friend and a wonderful Mama, also a very special Nana to Helen and Juliet.

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